Dreams, Illusions, Bubbles, Shadows

27 January 2005

Abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann

I chanced upon Bergmann's gallery today. Her paintings struck a note in me. Melancholy, silent pain, lost dreams infused in every stroke. She seems to be in search of something...sometimes it seems she has found it as colours dance flamboyantly aross the canvas but her euphoria is short-lived. The strokes grow heavier, using the cheery colours as a facade. Other than the works made from mirrors, the hue blue dominates all her paintings in various shades. Bergmann's identity remains a puzzle. But everything clicks into place after reading this write-up:

The Inner Blue

Preface to Dagmar Bergmann's painting

Born of migrating parents in post-war Germany, raised in a refugee camp up to the age of 7, Dagmar Bergmann places her works between secret and broken identity, between the color blue so seldom seen in the northern skies of her childhood and the existence of a hidden past which her parents, as refugees from East Germany, never wished to discuss.

Those impossible memories are the shattered mirrors with which she made her first mobiles, and which she later incorporated in her blue paintings. Mirrors of a splintered yet unchangeable identity, the razor sharp edge of that which is broken and which can only be softened by an infinite blue.

Born to migration through no choice of her own, Dagmar Bergmann takes her inner landscapes in search of a blue from elsewhere to explain ‘hereness’.

Jacques-Marie Aurifeille Aix-en-Provence (1999)

The depth of Bergmann's art and inner landscapes are infinite. Though I may never understand the totality of her life except the superficiality my immature eyes show me, I'm more learned than yesterday.

I've put together a selection of Bergmann's works. Embark on your own journey through abstract lyricism. Bon voyage.

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